Beyond the Bridge


Workshop Info & Calendar

Bars, Bans & Walls: Re-Imagining the Bridge as a Model of Justice & Inclusion

Curated by One Mile in partnership with Women’s Center for Creative Work and funded by a CalHumanities grant.

One Mile’s innovative arts & humanities initiative will engage diverse communities across greater Los Angeles in a transformational process of collective visual storytelling to envision a more just and inclusive world.

In 2018-2019 the community forums & workshops will be offered at four community sites including, Side Street Projects in Pasadena, Women’s Center for Creative Work (WCCW) in Frogtown and LGBTQIA youth at several orgs in NELA. Each community will explore a specific historical and contemporary example of exclusion and inclusion related to race & ethnicity in California with an eye toward intersectional connections. Topics include the Battle of Chavez Ravine, the Watts Riots, internment camps, and X legislation and are curated in partnership with eight humanities scholars and activists.

Beyond the Bridge offers a series of events that is three-fold:

1) Community forums focus on culture-sharing and storytelling as participants explore specific critical and iconic moments of racial exclusion/injustice and inclusion/solidarity in California; the depth of iconic upheaval and the far-reaching impact of progressive thinking and solution-building in California create a foundation for deep reflection and critical possibility;

2) Visual storytelling workshops activate a process of re-imagining the image of “the bridge” as a symbol for building solidarity and understanding across racial and community lines; participants generate new symbolic images that allow for greater inclusion, difference, multiplicity, understanding;

3) A multi-media installation & festival offers to the general public a line-up of live storytelling, an open mic, and image-making activities for all ages within an interactive installation that incorporates the stories, images, objects, and sounds generated by and recorded with workshop participants. Imaginative approaches to community dialogue and an inventive social media interface create a platform for transformational community awareness and civic engagement at the festival and beyond.


— 2018 & 2019 Program Schedule —

Workshops & Community Forums + Final Event

July 2018: Saturdays 2p – 5p at WCCW: Youth & adults, seniors, families from local neighborhood in Frogtown, & LA residents who want to build solidarity around gentrification challenges. 

April - May 2019: LGBTQ youth at NELA High Schools.

June - July 2019: Children ages 12-16 with Pintoreaca Library’s Teen Center in partnership with Side Street Projects in Pasadena.

August: Final Public Art Installation & Festival

The closing festival of Beyond the Bridge will take place at the LA State Historic Park in DTLA, gathering participants from our community sites to share their stories and images of alternative bridge-building with the general public. Through live storytelling, an open mic, and hands activities for all ages, we will offer platforms for transformational community building. Interactive installations will incorporate the different ideas, stories, objects, and sounds created and recorded at the One Mile workshops, providing meaningful public engagement. Looking beyond the traditional metaphor of the bridge as a model for cross-community unification, the festival brings together diverse populations and cultures from across Los Angeles to celebrate unique perspectives and imaginative possibilities for building joyful, just and inclusive communities.