Public Events & Festivals:

Activities & Workshops

The following interactive public initiatives can be offered as workshops or short one-off booth activities, tailored to fit your event or festival needs. We can present a an activity, a workshop or a combination of your choosing, scaling the length to offer quick booth activities or more in-depth workshops. Accessibility and cultural relevance are core to our mission, and we can adapt the theme or approach of our offerings to fit different age groups or community demographics.

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1) Eco-Alchemy: From Trash to Fash!

A playful yet educational Eco-Art workshop transforming trash into imaginative solutions for greater sustainability in our daily lives. Participants engage in the creation and construction of costumes and wearables, such as masks, headdresses, wands, and staffs — all made from trash, recyclables and found objects. Embracing the principal that we can transform our waste into fun, usable objects, this workshop teaches participants of all ages to face our cast-offs and give them a second or third life rather than add to our overloaded landfills or the Plastic Island. Through creative strategies in upcycling, trash alchemizes into the whimsical or functional — watch your waste grow wings!


2) Eco-Action: Think & Live as a Hive!

One Mile’s philosophy centers on the idea that while it might take a village to raise a child it’s going to take an ecosystem to save our planet. Through creative, embodied learning methods this workshop is based on the idea that humans must learn to think and live as part of the living ecosystems on earth, rather than as humans at the top of a hierarchical pyramid. Through fun yet thought-provoking exercises, participants will learn to think like a bee, a buffalo, a cactus, a coral reef; then they will be guided in an experiment where we will think collectively — as a herd or hive we will generate imaginative community actions for the eco challenges of our times.


3) The Plastic Problem: Can we build with it?

We all know the sad story of the Plastic Island growing larger each day in our backyard, the Pacific Ocean, and the sea turtles dying from consuming plastic straws. Americans throw away more than 35 million tons of plastic every year, and 500 million plastic straws every day. What if we upcycle our plastic waste into planters and greenhouses that grow herbs, flowers, food? What if we take our techno-driven lives and create eco-techno solutions? This workshop teaches plastic bottle construction through plastic “sewing” and “weaving” techniques. Looking at inspiring examples of plastic water bottle buildings around the world, we will create a plastic water bottle wall or mini structure. Participants will walk away with plastic water bottle planters and hand-outs with instructions and links for building a plastic water bottle greenhouse for their family or neighborhood.