One Mile is an art and social justice program which offers transformational, visionary platforms to build positive, vibrant cultures of social difference and human understanding.  One Mile’s multi-media, interdisciplinary approach of art as a public practice, offers radical possibilities of critical inquiry, social justice, and cultural change.


One Mile is founded on the simple, enduring principal that if we all walk one mile in each other’s shoes the world would be a vastly better place. Through highly innovative and engaging approaches to art, One Mile invokes compassion, awareness and action across cultures, classes, genders, races, ages, sexualities, religions and nationalities.

Employing rigorous yet playful strategies of art as a public practice, One Mile opens pathways for systemic change in how we treat others and ourselves. Through the vision of Artistic Director and Founder K. Bradford, One Mile guides communities in creating imaginative narratives and structures to build innovative, theory-action driven solutions to incite local and global sustainability in our world.


About the founder, K. Bradford

K. Bradford is an arts educator, community-builder and cultural leader who creates innovative, game-changing art events and happenings through poetics, sound, objects, spectacle and community dialogue. A lo-fi integrated media performer, K.’s work has appeared on stages around the U.S. and in publications such as the LA Review of Books, Slag Glass City, Gulf Coast, Trop & K. teaches literature at Antioch University’s Bridge program and woodworking to kids on a school bus turned wood shop. With an MFA in Writing and in Art + Technology from CalArts, K. recently launched One Mile with its first major project on hunger and sustainability.