2019 Programming:



Qumanity creates brave, private space and celebratory, public space for the voices, talents, stories and truths of LGBTQIA youth.

Qumanity, LGBTQIA Youth Programming 

This fall, One Mile begins a soft launch of a new initiative, Qumanity. Projects under development are:

  • Guest Performance Talks at GSA’s at LAUSD high schools

  • Workshops at the Women's Center for Creative Work, Los Angeles

  • Soft launch of programming in the Spring of 2019


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We are initiating a series of workshops to LGBTQIA youth ages 14 – 18 at the WCCW and performance talks and workshops at LAUSD GSAs. Our goal is to increase resources for and enhance the well-being of LGBTQIA youth, with a special focus on trans & non-binary youth, especially QTPOC and working class youth. For now our focus is on the LA area — we will bring One Mile to LAUSD high schools so that youth have greater support within their school settings while also connecting them to WCCW as a community space that supports their lives, identities and capacities. This programming will be a foundation for bringing One Mile's Qumanity series to cities and towns across the U.S.

Through One Mile’s radical poetic-re-imagination pedagogy and project-based mentorship, K. Bradford aka Qosmos engages LGBTQIA youth in workshops which will incite brave and imaginative exploration of identity and culture as we work to build deeper, more embodied expression individually and collectively. In a climate that is increasingly menacing to marginalized youth, Qumanity offers a vital and courageous space of self-expression, collective creativity and community celebration where youth can build strength internally and solidarity outwardly.

Through integrated media strategies (poetry, storytelling, music, movement, objects, mask-making, performance) the Qumanity workshop series invites LGBTQIA youth to explore social issues and cultural questions central to their lives. I use interdisciplinary, interactive, action-based approaches to activate underutilized or underappreciated “superpowers” and to simultaneously address “sinkholes” of self-worth and shrunken self-esteem. Mining truths, unearthing silences and catalyzing untapped creative powers create game-changing shifts in people’s inner and outer lives. Facilitating an environment that is playful, safe, and rigorously honest, I invite youth to draw upon their individual life stories and cultural narratives as we collectively create imaginative, poetic narratives of fierce and joyful resilience. One Mile creates brave, private space and celebratory, public space for the voices, talents, stories and truths of LGBTQIA youth.

Within this umbrella, special programming will be offered to trans and non-binary youth communities, especially of color, who are disproportionately targeted by violence and challenged by employment, housing, health and safety issues and are at greater risk for suicide, homelessness and mental health challenges.

After a series of One Mile workshops, large-scale public installations will be created by youth communities to offer imaginative, creative community building moments for other youth along with parents, teachers, families and the larger public.



Past Projects:

One Mile Anti-Hunger Art Walk

In Partnership with the Public Policy Institute at Santa Monica College

One Mile invites you to engage with public art installations as a way to upend the cycles of inequity that cause hunger and other injustices in our world.

Tuesday November 29, 2016, 11:15am
Wednesday November 30, 2016, 1pm
Thursday December 1, 2016, 5pm

Location: parking lot at 16th Street & Pico Blvd in Santa Monica by Santa Monica College. Meet by the entrance to the Mazon "This is Hunger" installation truck.

This guided, interactive installation walk is one mile long and will feature installation sites on the Santa Monica College campus and in streets in the surrounding neighborhood. All of the One Mile walks run approximately an hour.


Produced by One Mile Interns Caleb Gomez, Lauren Mackson, Naomi Villines & Tiano Carson and Artistic Director/Founder, K. Bradford. 


Structure Project

Teaming up with the Public Policy Institute at SMC for the Arts & Cultural Affairs Form, One Mile will offer an interactive public art installation that investigates hunger, social sustainability and systemic change.  Using everyday objects, sounds, visuals, story, performance and audience interactivity, we will convert public space into a platform for transformational community awareness and cultural dialogue. Through a guided, interactive walk, One Mile invites the audience to view and engage with public art installations and pop-up performances as a way to reflect, ponder, challenge, mourn and upend the cycles of inequity that cause hunger and other ecological, social, and economic injustices.