Sanctuary Galaxy


the Sanctuary Galaxy is a public event that can be hosted at schools, organizations, or civic centers to create transformational community building that promotes empathy, critical awareness, and cultural understanding.

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On May 11th, 2017 One Mile presented :

Sanctuary Superheroes to the Rescue!


for the 7th Annual Public Policy Institute Spring Symposium

Liberty & Justice for All!?#$* 

Guardians of the Galaxy in a Post-Truth Era


May 11, 2017

Santa Monica College


One Mile Manifesto: Galactic Strategies for Change


When facts are practically pronounced dead and truth is up for interminable debate, what if metaphor is the most strategic mode of social thought and political leadership of our time?

In an era when walls and bans are deployed to divide with a concreteness that makes the historic policies of South African Apartheid and American segregation appear before us as absurdly alive ghosts, metaphor suddenly isn’t so dusty afterall. 

Enter California as a floating galaxy, a vehicle for liberty & justice as proposed by SMC’s Public Policy Institute. For three months, PPI Interns worked with One Mile.

We researched facts, truths, bills, and footnotes. We studied artistic methodologies and strategies of resistance to dominant paradigms. We investigated a plethora of walls — internal & external, allegorical & crudely political. We looked at walls in our own thinking, and we re-imagined Trump’s wall as an inventive, reversible ramp that could allow easy access and flow across the Mexican-USA border. (For another, highly developed & amazing wall proposal, see Otra Nation).

Our imaginative work on PPI’s galactic theme led us to thinking in constellations, structurally. In creating our speculative theme park — the United Space of California as a galactic sanctuary to re-imagine the challenges facing immigration, the environment, healthcare, education, and equity, we developed imaginative formations for community dialogue.

In the end, we turned to the image of the bridge — a metaphor that still replicates a world of two warring if not separated sides — with our galactic strategies.

What if a bridge was not a single straight line allowing only travel between two sides, but was spatially engineered like a star. What if the metaphor of our times is a bridge structured with the dynamism and dimensionality of a star, allowing deeply innovative turns, bends, inversions and multi-points of view — and access?

An intersectional, multidirectional bridge as a guiding metaphor for policy making, electoral systems, geopolitical borders, urban planning, global governance and local community building just might be the kind of nonlinear poetic structure that engenders more flexible, inventive, and strategic thought mode of our times. 


Passportal to enter the Sanctuary Galaxy:


One Mile welcomes you

to the United Space of California ~

A sanctuary galaxy!


* ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ *


The Secretary of the Galaxy of the United Space

of California hereby requests all whom it may

concern to permit this space traveler of the

USoCA named herein to travel the galaxy at

your own will and with freedom of movement to

access all entry points of liberty & justice without

delay or hindrance and in case of need to give

sanctuary superpowers



I stand in harmony with the United Space of

California and to the sanctuary for which it

represents, one universe in solidarity with

all galaxies, with liberty, justice and post-truth

for all!?#$*